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Part 2: Family Life In Winter
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25. Alookee returns home.
In winter those men who still hunt 
are away a lot of the time, 
looking for food. 
26. Child eating dried fish.
Because there is usually less fresh food available then,
dried fish and dried caribou meat
feature more significantly on family menues..

27. Mechanical repairs.
Animals killed then are usually cut up on the kitchen floor, 
and any skins to be scraped are cleaned there too 
but the kitchen floor is also the surface 
on which snowmobile engines are overhauled (but tidily!)


28. Anaoyok, Steve's wife, 
selecting wool for braiding the ties for boots.
The living room floor, in contrast, 
was used for repairing clothes or making new ones.
These kamiks (boots) were made from imported sheep skin.
Autumn or early winter were traditionally the time 
for making cold weather garments: 
caribou skins were in good condition then..

29. Hymn-sing in living room.
The same room is also used for entertaining (and TV watching!).
During the long period of darkness in winter, social activities 
have always been important; and Christian friends 
who pop round now for fellowship 
are treated to an evening of Bible study and hymn singing.
30. Viewing family photos. 
The occasional slide show 
was another feature of life in my friend's household then, 
as he is a keen photographer..


31. Siblings and cousins.
Children are very much the centre of attention, and...


32. Braiding young boy's hair.
They are often indulged more than they might be in Australia 
-- possibly because in the old days 
you could never be sure how long they might live..

33. Child with grapes.
Because fresh fruit is so expensive
(being flown in) 
it is usually lavished on the children.


34. Assembling Christmas tree. 
During winter girls and boys play indoor versions 
of much the same games that they play outside in summer. 
But the main social focus of the season today is Christmas
-- which, save for the snow, is celebrated
in a manner not unlike that in Australia..

35. Corner of living room at Christmas.
The completed tree (made in Hong Kong or Taiwan)
takes pride of place beside the TV, and...
36. Wrapping gifts.
Just as much material is consumed 
in wrapping presents as in Australia..

37. After church on Christmas Day -- at 2.00am.
And there is the same level of excitement 
on Christmas morning.
38. Unpacking of camera.
Instructions are studied carefully
(even when they are in a foreign language)..

39. Assembling roller coaster.
Fathers get to play with their sons' presents.
40. Walkie-talkie.
Boys get to talk like soldiers in combat..

41. Unpacking doll.
Dark-haired little girls dream of being blonds.
42. At children's party. 
They get to dress up at parties..

43. Proud mother. 
And everything was recorded on film.



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