John Tyman's
Cultures in Context Series
Torembi and the Sepik
A Study of Village Life in New Guinea
Topic No. 25: 24 Hours in the Life of a New Guinea Woman ~ Photos 517 - 600
25d: Next Morning ~ 593 - 600
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593. The next morning Antonia got up early to help dress the bride … and she walked behind her in the procession.
594. Later that day she had to take her two youngest children to the baby clinic at the mission.
595. She waited several hours to see the nurse, but having had two other sons die young it was good to know that this one was healthy.
596. Antonia typically scrapes sago on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Wednesday’s load is not eaten by her family but cut into blocks and exchanged for fish at the market on Thursday.
597. On Monday and Saturdays, she works in her husband’s garden …  and also after Thursday's market, as soon as she's disposed of her sago.
598. She usually sells a few vegetables after church on Sunday, at the market near the mission … and when that's over she can again be found hard at work in the garden.
599. On the day she took Colin to the clinic, Antonia walked over to the airstrip, to farewell a friend leaving for Wewak.  She stood there with her baby, just a few metres from the plane … thinking.
600. The aeroplane may indeed be a token here of the coming of the 20th century, but the pattern of Antonia's life was established hundreds, possibly thousands, of years ago, and it has really changed very little since then.


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