John Tyman's
Cultures in Context Series

135 Sound Bytes
Titles and Descriptions

The Environment
1 Spring weather forecast:   01:13m

Extract from weather forecast for the region in late spring (June) 

2 Winter gale:  00:54m
In the background a raven: one of the very few birds that winters in the Arctic. 
3 Wind batters tent:   01:01m
Tent in spring windstorm. The door of my tent, torn during the night, flaps in the wind. I failed to repair it properly and when I returned from hunting two days later I found that my base tent had been ripped apart and had blown away. 
4 Walking over crystalline snow:   01:09m
The crunch of footsteps on crystalline snow on a spring morning. The snow softens when the sun is high in the sky and re-freezes later. 
5 Crunching morning ice:   01:10m
Walking on a road in town early on a spring morning. The small pools formed by the melting of snow the previous day froze during the "night" hours and crackle underfoot. 
6 Walking across tundra:   01:03m
Sound of walking on (and wading through) the tundra in early summer. 
7 Trickle of meltwater:    01:01m
Trickle of water on the tundra, freed by the melting of the snow. 
8 Small stream of meltwater:   01:06m
Stream of meltwater, in spring. 
9 Small river of meltwater:   00:38m
Rivulet of meltwater. 
10 Tundra in spring:   00:57m
Sound of the tundra in spring (wind plus birds). 
11 Afternoon on tundra:   03:14m
Late in spring with a light breeze, following the arrival of the migratory birds who come here to nest. 
12 Birds at caribou crossing:   02:45m
Nesting birds beside lake in early summer (including king eider, long-tailed duck, red phalarope, stint and Lapland bunting) and the sound of a caribou walking across slush-covered ice. In the background a skidoo, and the hum of my tape recorder. 
13 Summer morning:   05:19m
Summer morning on the tundra, at the edge a lake where birds are feeding, in a light breeze. Red phalarope, long-tailed duck, stint, Lapland bunting, and king eider. Geese fly overhead. 
14 Mosquitoes swarming:   00:49m
Mosquitoes swarming close to the ground on a cold morning in summer. 
15 Ground squirrel:   00:28m
Warning cries of a ground squirrel or "sik sik".

Bird Species

16 Geese feed and fly away:   01:00m
Geese feeding on the tundra in July. When disturbed they take off and fly away overhead.
17 Feeding geese disturbed near town:   01:12m
A pair of geese grazing near the town are interrupted by the arrival of a second  pair.
18 King eiders:   01:26m
King eiders fly in to feed and mate along the edge of a lake.
19 Long-tailed ducks:   00:36m
Long-tailed ducks feed on the shore of a lake in the spring.
20 Long-tailed ducks mating:   00:48m
Long-tailed ducks feed and mate (near king eiders) in June.
21 Arctic terns:   00:28m
Arctic terns, agitated at nesting site.
22 Gulls:   00:31m
Gulls near spring fishing camp, hoping to steal and scavenge.
23 Raven (and gulls):   01:29m
Raven on the edge of town in spring, with gulls in the background.
24 Raven In summer:   00:42m
Raven beside meltwater stream in spring (with stint in background).
25 Phalarope:   00:50m
Red phalarope. Courtship sequence interrupted by the arrival of another bird and the ensuing conflict.
26 Phalarope and stint:   01:36m
Red phalarope feeding (and mating?) on tundra lake (with stint in background).
27 Stint:   00:45m
Stint on edge of town. close to dump.

Spring in Town

28 Spring ambience:   02:14m
With warmer weather ATVs are the preferred mode of transport; the gulls return to scavenge and the geese to nest; the snow-plough beeps as it clears the roads, on which cars and trucks now move easily between the town, the airport and the dump; and contractors build new homes from materials barged in the previous summer.
29 Gulls near dump:   01:07m
Gulls scavenge for food around town and at the dump.
30 House construction:    02:15m
Power saws, hammers and spray guns used by southern contractors to build that year's allocation of new homes.
31 Water truck:   00:44m
Council water truck pumps two day's supply into storage tank inside house.
32 Drug & Alcohol Centre:   01:02m
Meeting at Drug and Alcohol Drop in Centre: at which mothers, in turn, speak of the health problems and dangers their young audience face -- alcohol, drugs, glue sniffing, promiscuity and thin ice in spring. The kids said nothing but got cookies and soft drinks afterwards.
33 Anaoyok on phone re clothes:   01:50m
Anaoyok talks by phone about clothing, to a friend in the south (and co-author of their book on Inuit dolls) who had no further use for the outfit she had worn during her stay in the Arctic. TV in background.
34 Carving antler:   00:39m
Working outside, Alookee uses power tools to carve a goose from a caribou antler. A skidoo passes by.
35 Carving limestone:   00:50m
Alookee uses a grinder to carve a limestone artifact which will be sold to pay for a new "kicker" (or outboard motor) ordered COD. Sounds of water truck in background, gospel choruses played back on his tape deck, and his grandson's puppy.
36 Evening at home with baby:   01:17m
An evening indoors, involving  three generations: Anaoyok talks with daughter, grandchild cries for food, four-year old plays on electronic game, Steve repairs skidoo's engine in laundry.
37 Night with pin-ball machine:   02:00m
Four-year old plays on electronic game from former pin-ball parlour at Drop In Centre; mother in kitchen,  dials phone. TV in background.
38 Evening at home:   01:31m
With TV chat show in background, Anaoyok works in kitchen and four-year old plays with mechanical toy.

Summer on the Land

39 Birds and gun shots:   02:24m
Birds (geese, long-tailed and eider ducks)  feeding on Middle Lake disperse with the arrival of a hunter with a gun.
40 Hunter calls geese:   00:29m
Hunter (Alookee's son Richard) imitates the sounds of geese and they answer.
41 Camp at midnight:   01:22m
Sealing camp around midnight. Kids play, dogs whine for food (as a seal is cut up) and skidoos cross ice in distance.
42 Kids play ball:   03:37m
Kids play ball game at sealing camp, in light wind. Alookee shoots at geese flying overhead as another hunter returns from fishing trip, and kids play different game.
43 Sounds inside tent:   03:44m
Inside tent. Clifford offers to pump up stove; chats with Lee and mother; CBC radio news in background. Outside a skidoo drives away; Alookee hammers nails into a frame for drying fish; and an ATV drives up and comes to a sudden stop in a snow bank.
44 Summer visiter:   01:44m
Inside tent. Alookee discusses situation with another hunter; sound of short-wave radio and pressure stove in background.
45 Baby nursing:   01:11m
Family shelters from wind inside tent. Baby nurses at mother's breast inside her parka; cries when nappy changed though Clifford tries to entertain it.
46 Snow into water:   01:23m
Getting water in early summer. Breaking crust of crystalline snow, scraping it into bowl, carrying it to tent, pumping up stove, and melting the snow.
47 Making tea:   01:48m
Heating water for  tea in morning, using pressure stove fuelled by petroleum spirit.
48 Summer bingo:   02:47m
Anaoyok's singing of Gospel chorus interrupted by broadcast of bingo game; and Alookee's conversation backed by CBC radio news.
49 Midnight Madness:   05:26m
Sample of noises intruding on family life in tent on June 21st. Parents listen to morning show on radio as kids play and Anaoyok prepares bannock; then world news, and later the sound of a skidoo and a broadcast of the "Midsummer Madness" celebration at Inuvik.
50 CB Radio:   01:22m
Alookee keeps in touch by short-wave CB radio.
51 Building hut:   01:06m
Building of Alookee's cabin on Lord Lindsay Lake, using pre-fabricated panels hauled to the site on sleds during winter.
52 Chiselling hole:   01:05m
Cutting hole in ice for fishing; using long chisel and spoon-like scoop  to remove fragments.
53  Drilling hole:   01:34m
Drilling fishing hole with petrol-driven augur, and removing ice fragments with long-handled scoop.


54 Huskies  pegged:   01:27m
Huskies: tied to stakes on the ice outside town.
55 Huskies hungry:   01:27m
Huskies hoping for food.
56 Dog sled:   01:53m
Dog team (one of the few remaining). Sound of dogs being dragged into position (which took about 10 minutes) and subdued with a few kicks. They then whine to get going, and the sled pulls away.
57 Skidoo starts:   00:34m
Snowmobile starts up and engine idles.
58 Skidoo and ATV:   01:13m
Skidoo (alias snowmobile) drives away and "Honda" (alias ATV -- for all terrain vehicle -- or quad) arrives.
59 Honda and stint:   01:22m
Honda drives around spring camp. Call of stint in background.
60 Sled moving off:   01:02m
Sound of sled drawn by snowmobile over hard-packed snow.
61 Sled over snow crust:   01:02m
Noise made by runners of heavy sled drawn by snowmobile over uneven crystalline snow in the spring.
62 Plane leaving:   00:57m
Plane takes off from Spence Bay airport in summer.

Winter in Town

63 Generator:   00:42m
Sound of diesel-powered electricity generator.
64 Furnace & blower:   01:18m
Domestic heating. Oil-fired furnace starts up automatically in response to thermostat;  then when the air is hot enough the fan/blower cuts in and pumps the air around the house.
65 Late afternoon at home:   04:00m
Sounds of early evening at home. Anaoyok talks on phone from kitchen with TV in background. Clifford briefly watches TV but plays with toys when the news comes on. Alookee works on equipment in laundry next to kitchen.
66 Festival round dance:   02:51m
Winter Festival in school gym: round dance in which young and old joined with great enthusiasm. Tape recorded music.
67 Festival boot race:   01:10m
Winter Festival: Form One boot race. Arranged in teams each child removed one of their snow-boots.  These  were then mixed up together in a pile on the other side of the gym. Each child, in turn, had to race over, find his/her own boot, and race back.
68 Festival dance comp:   02:59m
Winter Festival: dance "competition". Men (and even young boys) gave their names in at the start. The women got up in turn and the name of their partner was drawn from a hat. The purpose was to have fun ... not win at any cost. The Inuit, traditionally, have competed with nature, not with each other.
69 Festival drum dance:   02:15m
Winter Festival: drum dance competition. Most of the men had a go, twirling the drum in one hand and, with the other, beating its rim with a stick. The musical backing was provided by two of the older women.
70 Festival rap dance:   01:48m
Winter Festival: rap dance competition for younger generation.
71 Festival banquet:   02:31m
Winter Festival: banquet on Christmas Day. At a signal, everyone raced out to get their food from a great pile on the floor in the middle of the gym. Later the kids played while the adults ate and talked.
72 Community tea:   01:14m
Community Tea hosted by the Anglican Church Women's Group to thank those who had patronised their bring and buy sale. The adults talk while the kids run wild and free.
73 Pentecostal evangelist:   02:14m
Pentecostal Crusade. Visiting evangelist Kay Gordon (helped by an interpreter) speaks of following Jesus.
74 Mission songs:   02:58m
Pentecostal Rally. Gospel choruses in Inuktitut (and some English).
75 Kids open presents:   01:42m
The kids open presents from beneath the tree at Alookee's house on Christmas Day. Sound of furnace in background.
76 More Christmas gifts:   01:45m
The adults open their gifts also. I gave Alookee a shock-proof and moisture-proof camera.

Radio Broadcasts

77 Christmas carol:   02:41m
Christmas program: "Hark the herald angels sing" (in Inuktitut).
78 CBC news re Arctic:   02:32m
CBC news  of 14/12/88 concerning  Arctic pollution, a new Inuit MP, and population data for the NWT.
79 News re land claims:   01:36m
CBC news of 30/11/88  on the progress of Inuit land claims and the problem of Arctic mail delivery.
80 Public service announcements:   04:28m
Public service announcements: garage and rummage sales; furniture and equipment for sale, cat found and husky lost, spring clean-up awards, and rock music festival.
81 Notices re  bake  sale and court:   01:29m
Announcements re school bake sale; then appointments, including court appearances).
82 Notices re dog meat, lost keys  & sales:   03:08m
Announcements re meat for dogs, lost keys, bike and equipment for sale.
83 Notices re doctor, lift request & gym:   01:38m
Announcements re medical appointments, lift requested, birthday greetings, gym sessions.
84 Bingo & theme song:   02:29m
Bingo game for $400, with bingo machine in background and suitable music at end.
85 Jackpot bingo:   02:24m
Jackpot bingo for $1,000.

TV Shows and Videos

86 TV Sampler:   03:52
Sampler of shows one evening  during week before Christmas. Extracts from Muppets Christmas show; ads for lollies, cold remedies and bingo; and news of Inuit woman lost in blizzard.
87 Cartoons:   02:32m
Clifford watches cartoons while Anaoyok talks on the phone.
88 Christmas greetings:   02:56m
Christmas greetings broadcast in Inuktitut.
89 Educational show:   02:42m
Educational program about caring for others, in this case a boy who is embarrassed to have braces. In background voices of Anaoyok and Alookee in kitchen.
90 TV ad:   02:19m
Segment of TV ads likely to impact on the life style of the Inuit  -- for breakfast cereal, batteries, stir fries, and beer.
91 Commercials to Dallas:   01:48m
Adverts for dental health and others, in pre-recorded TV program, over which Clifford fast forwards to get to "Dallas".
92 Game show:   03:12m
Excerpt from TV game show on National Network -- "Pictionary".
93 Ice hockey:   01:59m
Saturday night ice hockey game (Winnipeg v. Edmonton) plus ad re winter motoring.
94 Child's videos:   09:52m
Extracts from some of the videos Clifford owns and watches repeatedly: Bugs Bunny, Roadrunner, Inspector Gadget, a kids adventure, and Pooh Bear.
95 Horror movie:   02:15m
Video-taped horror movie the worst segments of which were played again and again by a four-year old.
96 Video game:   01:55m
Clifford plays on video-game machine in corner of living room.

Music Forms

97 Throat singing A:   01:09m
Traditional "throat singing", breathing heavily/panting (radio broadcast).
98 Throat singing B:   01:16m
Throat singing with deeper pitch resonator (radio broadcast).
99 Drum dances:   04:50m
Traditional drum dance (at civic reception). Two of the older women provide the chant to which a man dances, twirling a large skin-covered drum and beating its rim with a stick.
100 Inuit country-western:   02:32m
Inuit "country western" song.
101 Gospel song:   03:42m
Inuit Gospel crusade song, with a country western beat.


102 Work with plasticene:   01:58m
Children in Form One work with plasticine. Boys bang it to flatten it.
103 Dance class:   01:18m
Music class: dancing to tape recording.
104 Singing class:   01:00m
Music class: singing. "Frere Jacques" in Inuktitut and English.
105 Music class:   02:39m
Music class: instrumental (chime bars). "Jolly Old St. Nicholas".
106 Christmas carols:   02:34m
Rehearsal for Christmas concert. Both languages.
107 After school care:   01:05m
After-school care in rec hall/gym.
108 Radio advert:   01:14m
Radio advert for Form Six fund-raising activities.

Anglican Church

109 Announcements:   02:44m
Details of Christmas Services announced by the priest, Rev. Paul Williams, translated by with his wife, Nowyah.
110 Start of service:   01:15m
Lay Preacher (Alookee) leads in prayer at start of service.
111 Confession:   02:10m
Confession prior to Holy Communion with absolution pronounced by the priest.
112 Gospel reading:   02:07m
Gospel read by Alookee when priest visiting Gjoa Haven congregation.
113 "Into Thy Presence":   02:05
Hymn: "Into Thy presence we come". Singing led by Anaoyok and Alookee.
114 Gospel chorus:   01:11m
Gospel chorus (with tambourine).
115 Alookee preaching:   01:27m
Alookee preaches at evening service.
116 Keyboard and furnace:   01:13m
Alookee tries out keyboard. In background the furnace cuts in noisily.
117 Nowyah preaches:   04:39m
Nowyah preaches, in both Inuktitut and English, at Church Fellowship; compares artificial Christmas trees with mere imitations of faith that are not real either.
118 Christmas  chorus:   01:04m
Family Service on Christmas Eve: popular chorus, introduced by Nowyah.
119 "Silent Night":   03:19m
Christmas Eve: "Silent Night, Holy Night"
120 "I'm so happy":   01:36m
Gjoa Haven congregation:  "I'm so happy", in both languages.
121 Gjoa Haven chorus with band:   03:50m
Gjoa Haven congregation sing hymn in Inuktitut with small band.
122 Choruses sung down south:   01:16m
Gjoa Haven congregation sing in Inuktitut a series of choruses also popular in southern Canada.

Fellowship Groups

123 Conversation:   01:49m
Greetings and conversation at start of fellowship meeting in lounge at Alookee's. Clifford plays in background and furnace cuts in and out.
124 Evening group song:   01:56m
Gospel chorus sung at evening fellowship group at Alookee's. The children of those attending play in background.
125  Song and talk:   01:20m
Home Group meeting. Chorus and talk by Alookee (translated by Anaoyok) . TV and video game in background.
126 Sing-Song at Alookee's:   02:27m
Chorus singalong, led by Alookee on guitar.

127 Prayer group:   01:06m
Meeting of Women's Prayer and Bible Study Group at Alookee's.
128 Sewing bee:   02:17m
Sewing Bee at Alookee's making items for rummage sale raising money for overseas missions.
129 Gjoa Haven "Amazing Grace":   02:15m
Gjoa Haven Fellowship sing "Amazing Grace".
130 Gjoa Haven stomp:   03:59m
Gjoa Haven Fellowship "stomp".
131 "This Land is Your Land" Inuit style:   01:42m
"This land is your land, this land is my land" Inuit Style. (Gjoa Haven Fellowship)

Other Institutions

132 Hamlet Council re contractors:   02:03m
Hamlet Council meeting. Presentation by southern contractors who will build houses that summer; and discussion of their use of local labour.
133 Hamlet Council re Clean Up Week:   01:38m
Hamlet Council debate of arrangements for the annual clean-up week,  the melting of the snow having uncovered a large volume of materials discarded during the long winter.
134 Christmas at "the 'Bay":   02:03m
Hudson's Bay Department Store; sounds of pre-Christmas shopping -- with one customer wearing heavy boots.
135 Check-out at "the 'Bay":   01:15m
Check-out line at "The Bay" in the week before Christmas.
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